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Plenaries and workshops presentations

Presentations available in pdf

MISTRALS International Workshop, Malta 2011

Plenaries, March 30th, 2011

- Mediterranean viewpoints
- Organisations Euro/Med organizations in relation to Mediterranean sustainability
Union for Méditerranée
- Afternoon sessions presenting MISTRALS and HOMERE topics and state of the art

Plenaries, March 31th, 2011

Livability of the region in the next century
- Lino Briguglio ,Malta : Sustainable tourism in small islands
- Geneviève Michon, France : Territories, mobility, vulnerability
- Nadira Ait-Ameur, Algeria : MERAALBA, Marine Ecosystems Response to the Anthropization in the Algerian Basin (MERAALBA
- Mélanie Broin, France : The ANR-ARP PARME : a co-construction process to set up research priorities in agriculture, environment and societies in the Mediterranean

Resources management, from survey to sharing
- Kawther Latiri, Tunisia : Natural resources and food security
- Patrick Prouzet, France : Fisheries Resources and resource-dependent communities vulnerabilities to global change: A need for a more systemic approach
- Daniel Faget, France : A multidisciplinary history of marine environment Methods and Issues
- Uri Shamir, Israel : Water sustainability
- Elisabeth Krueger, Germany : TERENO-MED – Water Science Alliance-MED: A Circum-Mediterranean Research Initiative

Land management, optimization
- Arezki Derridj, Algeria : Biodiversity in Algeria facing human impact and biotic and abiotic hazards
- Bouchta El Moumni, Morocco : Reconcile economic development and environmental protection in North West Morocco (Tanger-Tétouan area).
- Aline Durand, France : Societies environments and resources in the western Mediterranean: the contribution of history and archeology (antiquity and middle age)

Climates and palaeo-environment
- Kosmas Pavlopoulos, Greece : Coastal palaeo-environmental changes in Greece the last 10000 years
- Michel Magny, France : Palaeohydrological changes in the central Mediterranean as reflected by lake-level fluctuations
- Pedro Ribera, Spain : Reconstruction of past climates from historical documental sources

Natural risks in the Mediterranean
- Silvio Gualdi, Italie : CIRCE, “A changing climate, an adaptive world”