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Workshop overview

MISTRALS International workshop
30 March – 1st April 2011, La Valetta, Malta

Workshop goals

Placed under the sign of excellence, this workshop is a forum on the future of the Mediterranean region and its habitability. It aims to identify, in a concerted manner between the Mediterranean stakeholders, the scientific issues to develop in priority to fulfill needs and societal challenges of the region and to establish a pan-Mediterranean in order to achieve these objectives.
3 days workshop to:

  • present MISTRALS and the structuring effort of the French community in partnership with Mediterranean countries,
  • collect complementary proposals and projects from new Mediterranean partners,
  • co-construct strategies of observation and analysis necessary to solve Mediterranean environmental issues.
  • develop a strategy for co-implementation of the MISTRALS program components

Co-construct an international and pan-mediterranean partnership dedicated to the future of the Mediterranean.


The workshop has brought together about 200 persons, and was held at La Valetta, Malta, in the old 17th century Malta University campus (Old University Building / St Paul Street – Valetta VLT 216).