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BioDivMex (BioDiversity of the Mediterranean Experiment) is committed to monitor the specific biodiversity of the Mediterranean area, its vulnerability to anthropogenic and climate pressures, which have multiple and often adverse impacts on the specific Mediterranean habitats and ultimately on the diversity of animal, plant and microbial biosystems.

ChArMEx (Chemistry-Aerosol Mediterranean Experiment) aims to evaluate current situation of the Mediterranean basin atmospheric environment and to anticipate its future development and its impact on regional climate, air quality, marine and continental biogeochemistry.

HyMeX (Hydrological cycle in the Mediterranean Experiment) aims to improve our understanding of running-water cycle, particularly focussed on evolution and predictability of extreme events in the perspective of climate change.

MerMeX (Marine Mediterranean Experiment) is focused on the biogeochemical changes that will take place in the Mediterranean Sea due to natural changes as well as the socio-economic impacts, and how they will affect marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

PaleoMeX (Paleo Mediterranean Experiment) is dedicated to the study of climate change in the Mediterranean area during the Holocene, ie the last 10000 years. Overall, this program proposes to understand the interactions between climate, societies and civilizations of the Mediterranean world during this period of time.

SICMed (Continental Surfaces and Interfaces in the Mediterranean area) is dedicated to the study of eco-anthroposystems of rural and peri-urban areas under present and future climate and man-induced pressures; the impact of climate variability on hydrological and biogeochemical cycles, as well as the social, economic and biotechnological mechanisms associated to these cycles, in order to optimize the management of these systems.