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Toward a coordinated marine monitoring in the Eastern Levantine basin


The Altifloat project organizes the workshop “Toward a coordinated marine monitoring in the Eastern Levantine basin” at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia (Cyprus) on the 20th of May 2014. The Altifloat project is supported by the ENVIMED program since 2013. Altifloat involves laboratories from Cyprus, France, Italy and Lebanon. Altifloat maintains a Lagrangian monitoring of surface currents off the coasts of Lebanon and develops an assimilation methodology to estimate the surface current from altimetry and these Lagrangian data.

Taking advantages of this research activity, which has already gathered a group of physical oceanographers, the Altifloat project aims at creating a larger network of scientists from several Mediterranean countries. This network concerns marine research activities from the observation to fundamental and applied research, including modelling, on the marine system in the Eastern Levantine basin (Mediterranean Sea).

The Nicosia workshop more specifically addresses all the aspects of the in-situ marine observations with a focus on the sub-basin scale : physical and biogeochemical and biological parameters are considered, from the in-situ data collection to the exploitation of data. The first part of the workshop will focus on observational and data analysis methodologies, observations and scientific results. The second part will be devoted to future plans and the discussion of a strategy to make progress toward a coordinated and integrated marine monitoring in this area.

The workshop is organized by LOCEAN from Université Pierre-et-Marie Curie (Paris,) and the Oceanographic Centre from the University of Cyprus (Nicosia). The workshop is supported by the University of Cyprus and the French Ministry for Foreign Affair through the ENVIMED and MISTRALS programs.

Organizers :

LOCEAN : Julien Brajard, OC-UCY : Dan Hayes,

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