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ENVIMED 2013 Results

The list of projects selected under the call for proposals ENVI-Med 2013 is now available at MISTRALS website. The selection committee, composed of representatives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MISTRALS international and interdisciplinary metaprogram, based their decisions upon international assessments conducted by research government agencies in participating countries, scientific departments of embassies of France to these countries and independent experts mobilized by relevant thematic CNRS institutes (i.e. INEE, INSHS, INSU).

Projects references are listed as: Acronym // Project full name // Coordinator // Countries involved

AdOc : Diversité et adaptation des octocoralliaires méditerranéens au changement climatique : Didier AURELLE : Algérie, Turquie

BITE : Boron Isotopes and Trace Elements in Mediterranean coral skeletons and coccolithophorid calcite: Tools to reconstruct the evolution of pH and seawater temperature. : Paolo MONTAGNA, Eric DOUVILLE, Marie-Alexandrine SICRE, : Espagne, Italie, Tunisie

CLIHMag : Changement climatique et Impacts Hydrologiques au Maghreb : Denis RUELLAND, Yves TRAMBLAY : Maroc, Tunisie

COMECOM : COntaminants Métalliques dans l’Environnement COtier Méditerranéen : Olivier RADAKOVITCH : Algérie, Croatie, Liban, Italie

CyAr : Cyprus Aerosols and Gas Precursors (CyAr): Sources, ageing and radiative forcing. A contribution to the ChArMEx Mediterranean Aerosol network. : Jean SCIARE : Chypre, Liban, Turquie

MedNEFRIT : Mediterranean Network of Environmental Forcing Records In Travertines : Elisabeth GIBERT : Espagne, Turquie

MED-MaHb : The Mediterranean Sea mass and heat budget: Understanding its forcing, uncertainties and time evolution. : Karina VON SCHUCKMANN : Espagne, Israel, Italie

Paleo-Delta : Paléoenvironnement et géoarchéologie du delta de la Medjerda : Jean-Philippe GOIRAN : Espagne, Italie, Royaume-Uni, Tunisie

SOMBA : Système d’Observation à la Mer du Bassin Algérien : Laurent MORTIER : Algérie, Espagne, Italie

TRACOMED : TRansfer of Atmospheric COntaminants to the MEDiterranean Sea : Dominique AUBERT : Grèce, Israël, Turquie

TRANSMED-Charmex : TRANSport Emissions and Mitigation in the East meDiterranean : Agnès BORBON : Chypre, Egypte, Liban, Turquie