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Marginal Seas in Change : the East Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, International Workshop

The workshop will be held on November 6-7, 2012 at Faculty Club of Seoul National University, and on November 8m 2012 at Hoam Faculty House of Seoul National University.

The East Sea (Sea of Japan) and the Mediterranean Sea are almost isolated deep seas located at mid-latitude. Both regions have been called a miniature ocean since many processes occurring in the seas are identical or analogous to those in the open oceans. Deep and intermediate convection occurs at both seas leading to the formation of deep and intermediate water masses and associated thermohaline circulation. There exist vigorous mesoscale eddy activities as well as basin and sub-basin scale circulation. Outflows from the seas influence the oceanographic conditions of the North Atlantic for the Mediterranean Sea, and the North Pacific and the Sea of Okhostsk for the East Sea. Reports have been given of the climate variability and change in these seas, perhaps more rapid and stronger as compared with those occurring in the global oceans. This international workshop aims to provide an open forum to scientists studying each sea for understanding oceanography of both seas and having insights into the way to tackle their own problems. The theme of this first workshop is not limited but covers all aspects of the ocean science ; surface and thermohaline circulation, carbon and biogeochemistry, ecosystem and primary productivity, and climate variability/change. On-going programs and new technology will also be introduced together with discussion on thepossible future research collaboration.

Conveners Kyung-Il Chang School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University, Korea E-mail) kichang(at) Tongsup Lee Department of Oceanography, Pusan National University E-mail) tlee(at) Laurent Coppola Laboratoire Océanographique de Villefranche-sur-Mer (CNRS-UPMC), France E-mail) coppola(at)