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The ANR TRANSMED "Transdisciplinary Research on the Future of the Mediterranean" was launched onn January 26, 2012.

The aim of this ANR is to improve significantly our knowledge of the future interactions between the societies and the environments throughout the Circum Mediterranean.

Applications are open in the following 11 areas:

  • Axis 1: Demography and influence on the economy and society
  • Axis 2: International Mobility
  • Axis 3: Cultures, identities, values​​, religions: interactions of civilization
  • Axis 4: Future of Tourism: tensions and positive developments
  • Area 5: The coast: concentration area of impacts
  • Theme 6: Protection of the ecosystems
  • Pillar 7: Which long-term food security?
  • Principle 8: Food and Health
  • Axis 9: Which energy changes for the region?
  • Axis 10: The Future of the Sea
  • Pin 11: A systemic crisis of the Mediterranean and its exit routes

You are invited to refer the site of the ANR for further information. HERE