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MOOSE oceanographic campaign

MOOSE (Mediterranean ocean observing system on environment)

MOOSE objective is to track the water mass, the thermohaline circulation and the flow of matter in the Nrth West Mediterranean Sea. Towards this goal, MOOSE will seek to network the existing means of observation to achieve a set of coherent and consistent measures.

The deep mooring lines are the foundation of MOOSE observation system.

Been in place for 2 to 10 years, depending on the site, they allow continuous observation of the poorly studied deep ocean. Soon, they are expected to follow the evolution of different water masses present at all sites at different depths, namely surface water of Atlantic origin (AW - Atlantic water) (<100m), intermediate waters of Levantine origin (LIW - Levantine intermediate water) ( 200-300m) , the deep western Mediterranean waters (WMDW - West Mediterranean deep Water) (1400) and bottom waters (bottom water).

The campaign of maintenance of mooring lines will be held this year with the research vessel Tethys from May 29 to July 2, 2011. More information on INSU-CNRS website